Opa, Michaela’s maternal grandfather, always had an easel set-up in his house. Michaela remembers sitting on his lap at the easel when she was a young girl and wanting to paint, just like Opa. That early exposure to the idea of creating art was supplemented by some good hands on experience from the many arts and crafts activities her mom, Denise, organized for her children, nieces, nephews and neighborhood kids. So when Michaela and her class were asked by their first grade teacher to paint a penguin, Michaela’s confidence and experience helped her create a piece which was selected for a young artist display at the local Barnes & Noble.

During high school, Michaela started to really enjoy taking art classes and became interested in creating portraits. Her initial subjects were family members but Michaela soon shifted to creating portraits of famous people who she finds interesting.  Michaela’s portrait artwork is not only notable from a standpoint of the overall composition of the face, but most notably the eyes. As Paulo Coelho stated, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Check out her portrait of the singer and songwriter, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (aka “The Weeknd”), for an example of this.

In general, Michaela gets inspiration from images she finds on the internet and social media. She like to explore different threads as she navigates through this great resource of images, until she finds something that she is drawn to. For example, Michaela got the notion of painting something related to the concept of the galaxy and searched around the internet, getting inspiration for her two galaxy paintings, “Fallen Into a Galaxy“ and “Glimpse of Galaxy “.

A communications major at Westfield State with a minor in Studio Art, Michaela also has a strong interest in fashion. As she sees it, “your body is a canvas” and she uses her imagination and creative energy for her stunning make-up and striking outfits. Some of her fashion designs are displayed in this exhibition. Also, check out her fabric art on the denim jacket and floppy hat.

The theme of Michaela’s art exhibit is “It’s a beautiful thing.” –  an expression used often by Michaela’s dad, Paul. Like her dad, Michaela finds beauty in many things. So what better way to describe the spirit and talent of this young artist? Enjoy!


Michaela’s artwork includes the use of acrylic paint, watercolor, graphite pencil and colored pencils.

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